Thursday, October 16, 2008

Barnyard Adventures

Had a bit of an adventure this morning...I was out at the barn doing chores and I heard one of my Boer bucks hollering for some I headed over to the pen to find out what was wrong...and to my surprise he was going nuts because the other buck that is always in the pen with him was gone! I hurried into the pen and looked all over and checked the buck. I was totally at a loss...where in the world did he go?? Finally after a few more minutes of looking I spotted him over across the pasture up next to the girls pasture...I could have guessed. :D Grabbed a rope and a bucket of feed...which he was NOT interested in at the moment. I did manage to get the rope around his neck and then it was drag and pull the stubborn thing ALL the way back to his pen. Got him back in thankfully...and for some reason it didn't cross my mind to check to see how he got out in the first place. So I headed back to my work. One of the does was ready to be put in with my new buck, so I got her separated out and all the others put out to pasture....when I hear that same buck calling....oh boy he got out AGAIN. :( This time though it wasn't just one of them but...BOTH. Not good...thankfully just at that moment Andrew came out to help, so after a bit of chasing we were able to each grab onto one and put a rope around their neck... they were like SO determined NOT to go back to the pen.

So picture me with a rope around a 200 pound Boer buck that has got his feet planted in the mud pulling as hard as my 100 pound weight can pull. :P And Andrew has his own set of problems with his, but he was trying to help me out with pushing mine from inch by inch we made it all the way back to the pen, crept past the cows who had to come watch and got them back in their pen...since we had them caught I needed to give them a dose of wormer so I grabbed that and FIXED the fence this time. :) Whew, quite the workout, and by the time I was done I was smelling nicely like a buck in rut. :D I think breeding season has finally hit hard, it's pretty crazy around the barn right now... :D Exciting though...because that means babies coming in March! :) Later than last year, most of them kidded in February...but oh well, hopefully it will be a bit warmer and I won't have to freeze my chuff off like I did last year. :)

We had a super fun time yesterday with my dearest friend Danielle. It was raining and muddy out, so we didn't get to play any volleyball, but we did manage to go out and see the goats...and I tried to give a unicycle riding demo...which didn't go quite so well. :D I haven't practiced much at all lately... :) We had lots of fun sitting around talking, playing "Rook", and just being together.

Looking a bit weird...check out the boots! :D

Now to get ready for a Boer goat show on Saturday in Ada, we're planning on spending the night with the Burnett's while we're down there, which is always tons of fun. :) So lots going on but that's now I like it!



Brittney said...

Thanks for the story Bethany! I always find farm stories amusing...

Maggie Burnett said...

That sounds exciting,Besh!!
Those boots look VERY interesting!
I'm glad you had fun with Dannie!

Hannah :) said...

I can ONLY imagine what you must have looked like! :P

Your picture cracked me up...your little brown skirt and boots!! He, he, he!! =D

I am looking forward to seeing ya tomorrow, Lord-willing! Late nights with you are always an adventure!!! =P

Oh, Abe wants to know if there is any possibility that Anna could come???? She needs to be here to monitor you, ya know!

Hi to Dannie!! =D

Love you!!!

Anna said...

Oh Besh, you are so funny! Shoulda had the camera out there!
But hey, weren't the cows just like angels when you drug those big ol' goats right past their noses? they just layed there like gentle little lambs!!
:D :D :D :D

And Abe--they can only fit a certain amount in the truck, so.....but *Affair of the Heart* is right around the corner! :) :D


Danielle said...

Besh, just wanted to say I love you SOOO much!! We are pretty wacko and skirts, NOT a good combination! :)