Monday, July 28, 2008

Tons of stuff....

Wow, there has been so much going on lately that I don't quite know where to begin. My dear friend Danielle, headed back to MO on Thursday...needless to say it was really hard to let her go, but we're sure hoping it won't be too long before we get to see each other again. :) We had such a wonderful time while she was here....we did so much that it would take a super long blog post to put it all down, and I'd for sure leave some of it out. We played volleyball most every night, and spent most evenings out in the studio playing instruments. Well not actually me, I just listened. :) I think we probably have around 2500 pictures from the entire time she was I'll just post some of the random best ones. :) Oh and we also got to go swimming several afternoons which was really fun, especially since it was SO hot. And oh, that counted for some good tanning as well. :P

I know your thinking swimming?? Maybe more like "soaking" but hey, if it's all you got, you just make it work!! :D And yes, it was a LOT of fun, and we did the real thing too in the pond, but that can be a little scary with all the snakes and turtles...Dannie claims a fish got pretty close to her while we were in there. :)

A few more highlights were Pop and Nana getting to come spend some time, flying kites with our neighbor David, and going to "Pops" a place along historic Route 66 that has about every kind of old fashioned pop you can imagine.

Also we were able to go to the peach festival in Stratford to spend some time with our friends the Burnett's and go to a rodeo that evening. It was really great, and Hannah and Abbie got to play at the rodeo, after winning 3rd place in the "Peach Idol" talent contest. Actually we got to go to two rodeo's one was a few nights before the Stratford one, it was the International Youth Finals Rodeo, and was a really big event, so big that it was rather hard to follow everything that was going on, because they had 3 arena's going at once. It was neat though, because it was Danielle's first rodeo, and yes Dannie you did scream once when they were riding the broncs!! :D

We also got to go spend some time one day with Katelyn, a dear young lady that both Danielle and I know. We had a really wonderful time with her and her mom, great food, and wonderful fellowship. Not to mention playing around with Danielle's hair!! :P

Well, not to drag this thing out forever, I'd better leave off now. We sure made some wonderful memories that I will treasure forever. :)


Anonymous said...

Looks like ya'all had a fun time!
The swimming or "soaking" picture is really funny!

~ Brittney Chatham

Anna said...

Oh Beth, my hair looks so weird in that last picture! :( :D Oh well!

How 'bout posting a picture of what we DID to Danielle's hair?...or at least tell them! :)

Love ya,

Danielle said...

Well Bethany, when you told me to check your blog I thought it was going to be about your WEEKEND! :)

Aww, reading this makes me miss you even MORE, didn't know that was possible. :( We did have such a great time and I'll always remember it!

Okay that one picture is just awful though! :( Oh, and no way don't post those pictures of my HAIR!! :D

I miss you so much and love you even more!

Anonymous said...

oh yes! You simply must post pics of Danielle's hair!
I'm glad the Lord blessed ya'll's time together! From all of the radiant smiles, I think everyone had a great time!
And I was so thankful that ya'll came over that day! What a blessing...
( : Katelyn : )

Anonymous said...

Great post!
Hey, sorry I haven't been here around lately... I haven't been at home. Go check my blog and you'll se what I mean ;)