Wednesday, December 19, 2007


My life was really exciting before I started this blog, but since I started it I haven't had anything to write about!! Probably a good thing though, one can't always be pulling dilapidated goat shelters down and taking late night walks to the back of the pasture through the ice just for the thrill of it. :)

Last night we headed out to a Christmas play that a school put on in Guthrie. It was pretty neat, and we had a nice time visiting with some friends. Elijah went just for the refreshments, which they did end up having much to his relief!!

This afternoon I was making some rolls for supper, Josiah came up and asked me what I was making. So I told him they were called "Angel rolls" he then asked how I was going to make "the head." Well, Josiah, they aren't supposed to look like angels, they just taste angelic." I told him. Hosanna was quite surprised at that and asked "they taste like real angels?" Anyway, I tried to explain it to her but it was kind of hard to get her to understand what I mean't.

I just love this picture Anna took of Elijah's heifer, and then Buster poses so nicely for pictures! Isn't he cute?


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Danielle said...


The pictures ARE great and your story about the "angel rolls" is quite funny! :) That would be hard to explain to younger children. :)

Keep up with the blogging! ;)