Friday, August 20, 2010


**Sorry my template got all messed up, so just put this up for now, don't have time to mess with it!**

Wow the last time I wrote was May?? Goodness, I AM still alive, just in case anybody missed me. :P

So a brief recap of my life since then..

June..I turned 21...does that scare anybody? Went to my first out of state show (Sedalia Missouri) actually maybe that was the end of May, and won Jr. Grand with a homebred doe kid "Shekinah's Sweet Sensation." My Rocketeer boy also won Grand and Best of Breed.

July...played music in a friend's wedding with my bro's, took a jet ski out on Lake Murray, played lots of volleyball.

August..drove to Missouri with my amazing bro Daniel for my dearest friend Danielle's bridal shower, and got to meet her handsome guy Aaron, he's pretty cool. I approved. :)

And now... got the dairy girls entered in the OKC State Fair, need to do Tulsa entries next week, and unfortunately I won't be showing any Boer's this fall, with having such a rough kidding season I really only have a few that I could take so it wasn't really going to be worth it. :( Oh well Lord willing we'll hit the Boer shows hard in the spring!!

And the end of this month (next week actually) we'll be taking a family trip up to Illinois for Danielle's wedding!! So exciting!! Will be my first wedding to be in, well second sort of I guess, first time to be a bridesmaid. :) Kinda interesting having a lot of my friends become "old married women" (as I like to tease them!) now!! It's cool though, maybe I'll join the club one of these days. :)

Alright Hannah, there you go!!

Later, peeps!!


ajfcello said...

I love the picture! Awesome!

The Burnett Family said...
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Hannah B. said...

*thumbs up*

What ta go, Besh!! Thanks for updating us all on your life. :D was nice to see a picture of YOU and it actually doesn't have a goat in it!! You get extra points for that one!!! :P

<3 you.

Danielle said...

YAY BEsh a post!!! :) Great recap! ;) I wish I had time to post something :( I guess maybe if I used my time more wisely.. :( who knows!!!!

Can't WAIT to see you FRIDAY though!! :) YAY! And so glad you think Aaron is handsome..he's hott isn't he?!??! :D But sorry, he's MINE! :D ;) (sorry just thought I'd tease a little) :)

I do have SOMEONE in mind for you though, so your times a comin' as he might say! ;) "You sure are sweet!" :D ;) ;0

ALRIGHT, I"m being bad..better get to sleep! LOVE YOU!!

Danielle said...

Love you SOO much Besh!! YOu are the absolute greatest friend!! and sister!

<3 you!