Saturday, November 7, 2009

Daisy :)

Well seems like about this time of year I always have to get a new puppy of some yes I did it again...ANOTHER dog. :D Kinda weird how it happened, I wasn't looking for a puppy at all just came across this add and they were so cute. LOL Anyhow.....introducing my newest baby "Daisy." She's a Jack Russel/Corgi mix with possibly something else in there too, not totally sure, but she is adorable!!


Danielle said...

OK, she IS adorable! :) Oh, and I love the name! I think my cousins have a dog named Daisy though! ;) could have said Jack Russel breed on the phone and I would have still had no clue what you were talking bout! :) Can't wait to see her! :)

And FINALLY a girl dog! :)

Anonymous said...

Aw, she is sooo sweet! :D It looks like she's smiling at the camera. =)

Coach Eliya said...

She is soooooo cute!!! Beautiful dog and looks like a real sweetheart. I need another dog here too. I have actually been looking at Jack Russel terriers to see if they would take care of our gopher problem... But not sure how they'd be around the goat kids and chickens... I also need to find another Pyr.
Congrats again on your new puppy - she's beautiful and adorable! Have fun!!!

Melinda said...

Soooo cute!! But Bethany, most dogs are cute, when are you goin' to stop?! :D Just kidding.

Nice dog.

Teena said...

Just clicked on your blog from your moms! Daisy is SO cute. I love the pic of Daisy with Mercy. :) Thanks for sharing. We have a dog named Skip that is part Jack Russell and ... something. Plus we have a min-pin named DAISY. That is cool. :)

I have followed Joel's Journey since the beginning. I know it sounds strange but I have come to love your family... your mom.

I love when she shares about your goats and how great you do at the fairs! CONGRATS! We have friends that show their hogs... and she won grand champion here in Perry, Georgia.

I love goats. We have miniature horses... just three ..and one big horse. But I keep telling my dh that I would love to have some goats. We use to have some years ago... and have seen a few have babies. Our other friends bred dwarf goats. :)

Thanks for sharing....

Brittney said...

She's so cute! Love her name!

Anonymous said...

Hello Bethany!

I found your families blog today through Abi and Josiah Wissmann's blog. I'm 19 and am #4 in a fmaily of 9 kids in MS. I have browsed through the post of your blog and your family's blog and have enjoyed it. :) You are a really great photographer!

I look forward to following your blog(s)!!

Sarah G.

Besh said...

Thanks for the comments ya'll!! I must agree, Daisy is pretty cute. :)

Teena, thank you so much for keeping up with our family, you have been a great blessing to my Mom and all of us.

Sarah, actually it's my sister Anna that is the photographer, she is really good! Thanks for following my blog!

Anonymous said...

Oh! Well, they are still really great! I love photography and hope to get a good camera one day...
But I also like playing my violin and it was you that played the violin... right? :)

BTW - You dog is quite adorable!
(So how many dogs do you have now?!) :)

Sarah G.

Besh said...

Very neat!! So you play violin? That's cool, yes I do too. I have 4 dogs now, 2 inside and 2 outside and then Anna has 1 outside dog as well, so a grand total of 5. :)

Feel free to drop me an email- and we can chat! :)


Hannah B. said...

Awww, Daisy is a cutie!! Hope she's as sweet as she looks! ;)

Anonymous said...

Great I'd love to!!!

I'll send you an email soon. I'm kinda busy today so maybe tomorrow. :)

Sarah G.

Anonymous said...

She is adorible and you took excellent pictures of her. Too cute! This is a great blog and I am now following you, I would love if you came by my blog and followed me.

Many blessings,
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