Friday, August 29, 2008

Not much...

Well, I haven't posted a general update for a I guess it's about time. :) I've been greatly enjoying the nice weather this week, (nice in my opinion is sunny and at least 90 degrees). :P

I haven't had a whole lot going on, just life...and then starting school back up. My job is helping a certain brother with his math, it sure can be challenging at times. :) We've had a little project going where we each drew a name of a person in our family and are to be committed to praying for that person this week. Well there's been a few times when I've been like "whoever has this person, might want to be praying for him!" :D But actually he is doing much better this year than last, thankfully. :)

August has flew by so quickly it seems, and September looks to be a month full of goat shows. :) I'm looking forward to that, the first one is the OK State Fair, I'll be showing my Nubian kids that I had shipped in back in the spring for the first time, as well as some Boers. Those little Nubian's are something else though when trying to get them to stand still...hopefully by working with them a little bit each day they'll get the idea by the time the show gets here. :)

I've been having fun "trying" to learn how to ride a unicycle...but unfortunately it's not going too well. :( All I do is crash..*sigh* but maybe one of these days I'll get it figured out. I am able to go about 20 feet instead of 2 though so I guess that's a bit of improvement. :) Yesterday was pretty funny, usually I can land on my feet pretty well when I lose my balance...but wow yesterday, I like TOTALLY wiped out. :D Quite funny, thankfully I haven't hurt myself too bad...yet. :)

We had 100 little baby chicks come in the mail this morning, they are so little and cute!

That's all for now folks,



"Corrie" :) said...

You are so funny, Besh! You're doing WAY better on that unicycle then I ever I don't even try to learn how. :) I wish I had a picture of you WIPING OUT though! :D :D

But hey, that "certain Brother" of ours is so much FUN, isn't he? EVEN helping him with his math... :)

Hannah said...

You ARE so funny, Bethany! I wish I could have seen you "wipe out"! ;) But, it does sound like you're making progress! =D

That's a neat idea to draw names and pray for each other! Do you tell each other who you have?

Yes, "tutoring" younger siblings can be a challenge, but it's an opportunity for us to learn certain lessons as well....=D

Talk to ya tomorrow, Lord-willing!

Love ya,

Anonymous said...

20 feet!!! Not bad! That's waaay further than I've gotten..... so far..... You ought to post a pic or two of you riding, or better yet, of your wipe out! :P
Even though tutoring may be a challenge, you're blessed to have the challenge! I'm the youngest and haven't had that opportunity... yet, Lord willing I'll get to teach a lot of youngsters some day... but, if it makes you feel any better, know that someone out there would love to have your "challenge"! I'm praying for ya!
( : : )

Bethany said...

Hi Bethany,
I have just published the interview.

Anonymous said...

I like the picture of the chick so much! It's so sweet! ^^
Thanks for the update!

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